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"This company is a dream come true"

I started Dojo Candles in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, out of my frustration with the candles that were currently on the market. I hated when I bought a candle it smelled great in the store but smelled like nothing when I burned it.  I've burned candles almost everyday of my adult life but I found that in order to get a good quality, long lasting candle you had to pay over $80, so I good candle was a yearly treat to myself?  Because of this I found myself buying the cheaper paraffin candles,  but the scents were generic and bland.

In early 2020 I came across an article that reported the pollution from burning paraffin candles in your home can be as bad as RUNNING A DIESEL ENGINE in your living room. It wasn't limited to the cheaper candles, paraffin candles across all price points were tested and the results were the same, paraffin candles have the potential to be dangerous. After learning that, I stopped buying the paraffin candles but I was left with no variable option. Thinking of what my grandmother told me, I said a little prayer, and then set out to make a Clean Burning, Soy Wax, Luxury Candle Company with Complex Scents. After months of research and testing I am proud to present to you, Dojo Candles.

What's In a Name?

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I named this company in remembrance of my late grandmother, Doris Jones = DOJO 

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Our Mission

Our mission is provide Eco Friendly, Quality, Long Lasting, Highly Fragrant products.

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