Chimney Sweep (Feu De Bois Dipytque Dupe) Wax Melts

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These wax melts will make you feel like you're in a log cabin in the middle of winter, cozy in front of a warm log fire with its' intense smokey, woodsy scent.

Notes: Smokey Birch, Pine, Cade

-Comes with five wax melts. Each wax melt is approximately 1 ounce.  
-Each wax melt lasts approximately 24 hours depending on the wax melter used. 
-Made with 100% Natural Soy Wax
-Paraffin Free
-Hand poured in small batches in California

If you like Feu De Bois by Diptyque you will LOVE this candle. 

LEGAL NOTE: ***Use of branded named is for comparison purposes only and in no way is Dojo Candles affiliated with them or any of their subsidiaries.****

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