Garden Gardens (Kai Gardenia Dupe) Luxury Room and Linen Spray

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In my past life I was a manny. I worked for some of the richest and most famous families in the world in New York City and Los Angeles. One of the estates, which consisted of a 23,000 sq foot main house and two guest house spread over two, luscious Beverly Hills acres, had a private Gardenia Garden consisting of over 500 gardenia plants. The smell is a billionaire’s dream, not everyone can afford an actual Gardenia Garden with 500 plants, so I’m giving you a Gardenia Garden in this candle.

Notes: Gardenia, Red Jasmine, Green Grass, Musk

Our Room and Linen spray can be used as an Air Freshener and as an Deodorizer/ Odor Eliminator.

Shake well! Spray directly into the air or to deodorize, spray directly on your couch, curtains, throw pillows, sheets, etc.

LEGAL NOTE: ***Use of branded named is for comparison purposes only and in no way is Dojo Candles affiliated with them or any of their subsidiaries.****

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