Josephine Josephine (Rose 31 inspired) Luxury Fragrance

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I was raised in Charlotte, NC but I'm from Waterbury, Ct. So I spend my summers in Connecticut with my grandparents, getting away with things they wouldn't dare allow my parents to get away with. I spent time with my maternal and paternal grandparents equally and those summers were the highlight of my childhood. I loved my grandparents and they loved me. As I got older, unfortunately the natural course of life took effect and my grandparents, one by one, 'went home to be with the lord,' in 2002, 2005, and 2014 respectively. While Dojo Candles was created in remembrance of my paternal grandmother Doris, My maternal grandmother is still living and she's been extremely instrumental in encouraging me to follow my dreams, giving me a pep talk, so I wanted to honor her too. Make her, her candle while she can still smell it. So I called her and told her I plan to make a candle in honor of her, her response was, 'Just make sure it smells as sweet as me,' I searched and search and I finally found it grandma! This smell is so nice, I had to name to twice, in honor of my grandma Josephine, I present to you JOSEPHINE, JOSEPHINE.

If you like Rose 31 by Le Labo you will LOVE this Luxury Fragrance 

Our Luxury Fragrances are long lasting, handmade, unisex, Eau de Parfums. Made one at a time ensure the highest quality fragrance. Layering our scents is a great way to create you own unique scent.

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