Penthouse A/B (Cire Trudon Spiritus Sancti Dupe) Luxury Diffuser

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When I moved to New York City I got a job on the Upper East Side of Manhattan as a doorman. Moving from North Carolina I had never been exposed to the vast amount of wealth exhibited in this building, where $500,000 cars were a dime a dozen. Everyone that lived in the building is what a 19 year old me and my friends would call a ‘Baller’. But I would soon learn there are levels to wealth/ Baller status. The first level of being a ‘Baller’ was if you simply owned an apartment in the building. These apartments were the cream of the crop, a 500 sq foot studio apartment cost $700,000. The second level of being a ‘Baller’ was owning two apartments and then combining them into one, for instance apartment 9LM. Is actually apartments 9L and 9M, both ridiculously expensive, made into one. The third level of being a ‘Baller’ was if you lived on the Penthouse Floor. That is the highest, most exclusive floor in the entire building. Each Penthouse apartment had 14 foot ceilings, wrap around views of the city, and were twice the size of the apartments on the lower floors; therefore, there were half as many Penthouse apartments. What could be more “Baller” than a Penthouse apartment? Two. The Ultimate Baller, and there was only one, Penthouse A/B. That’s right, two Penthouse apartments combined to make one, a 4,200 sq ft mansion in the sky. Penthouse A/B was the talk of the building, even amongst us doorman.
One day, I got the call every door man wanted to hear, Penthouse A/B needs assistance. This was my chance!! I can finally see this gigantic piece of art up close, I physically pushed my co-worker aside! I can do it! I exclaimed!! So I hopped in the elevator, pterodactyls instead of butterflies fluttering in my stomach. The elevator doors open. I walked down the long. elegant hallway, knocked on the door, and Penthouse A/B was everything I thought it would be and more. Words can’t describe what I saw..... but this candle will describe what I smelled. I present to you our diffuser Penthouse A/B.

If you like Spiritus Sancti by Cire Trudon you will LOVE this diffuser.

-Comes with 10 Luxury Reeds
-Last 60-90 days depending on Diffuser care
-Allow 4-5 days to get full effect.
-Almond Oil based. (Consult your doctor before purchasing if you have an almond allergy)

LEGAL NOTE: ***Use of branded named is for comparison purposes only and in no way is Dojo Candles affiliated with them or any of their subsidiaries.****

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